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When it comes to health, there is no substitute for natural healing.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the God-given potential for vibrant health and an exuberant life.

Dr. Slininger’s practice is focused on pinpointing and correcting the root cause of health problems that people experience.  No masks.  No shallow cover ups.  Just fixing problems at their core.  In his practice at Upper Cervical Center of Brandon, he uses some of the most gentle and modern innovations in upper cervical chiropractic to activate the brain and heal the body.

With cutting edge technology and a sharp understanding of how the body works, Dr. Slininger has helped thousands of patients recover their natural ability to live well without the use of drugs or surgery.  Never settling for good enough, Dr. Slininger continues to work with individuals to empower them to take control of their own health and sustain it.

This passion to restore life to hurting people has continued to drive him to write, teach and speak to spread the work to people of every nation.

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Upper cervical chiropractic is an emerging field in holistic healthcare.  Characterized by cutting edge analysis methods and precision corrections, upper cervical doctors are able to initiate functional change in people who could not otherwise be helped.  Dr. Slininger not only practices one of these precision procedures, but also teaches doctors all over the country how to master them in their own practice.

To learn more about Dr. Slininger’s practice and how to get started, visit, the Upper Cervical Center of Brandon’s website at www.UCBrandon.com.

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“The Eating Perfectly workshop was a pivotal moment in my life.  I came that evening feeling hopeless after years of struggling with my health.  I discovered that my focus had been METHODS instead of PRINCIPLES. As Dr. Slininger shared simple and solid principles I began to see a shift in my thinking.  After 6 weeks I feel so much better, I am losing weight, my joint pain is almost gone, but the most significant measurable improvement has been my blood pressure.  It has gone from 170/105 to 127/72.  If you are looking for simple solid ways to change your health, I highly recommend Eating Perfectly Without A Plan!”


“This is a must, you won’t regret going; apply what is taught and you will be amazed at the difference, not to mention how fast it works. I went a year ago and I have lost 8 sizes simply by practicing the principles shared. Dieting plans I have done in the past (even tried diet pills at one point) would never make any form of progress. One month after going to this seminar I started to see transformation and could tell that I was not only losing weight I was getting healthier.”


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Dr. Chris Slininger speaks regularly to people pursuing health and wholeness.  He is available to speak at community events, conferences, churches and corporations. His seminars aim to help others experience positive chances in their health by encouraging an understanding of the simplicity of health and the principles that fuel it.  His style is a fun and exciting take on the principles of health. He is dedicated to empowering others to take control of their health and sustain it.

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