On Firm Foundations: Rebuilding Your Health From the Inside-Out

With each new year, many people make resolutions to better their life. Rebuilding and rebooting one’s health and fitness are among the top changes people intend to make. Health is a gift from God to each individual to enjoy life and serve others without restriction.

Understanding how to rebuild your health first comes from an understanding of how the human body works. We can often approach our new resolutions by quickly changing our programs or methods of approach, but we may be on an equally unsuccessful path. Instead, if we root ourselves in the principles that fuel a healthy body, we can have a confident expectation of a more successful outcome.

First and foremost, it is imperative to understand the function of the brain in the restoration of health. Every function of the human body, from muscle contraction to blood pressure to digestion and even healing are controlled and coordinated by the brain. For the most part, the brain operates outside of your conscious thought. Whether you are asleep or awake, thinking about it or not, your brain is constantly at work trying to maintain and improve the function of your body from the inside out.

The only way for the brain to have it’s effect on the body is to send a signal through a nerve to the individual part of the body with instructions. Think of it like complex electric wiring through the entire body. These signals are sent and received every second of every day. Without these signals we lose function, but with them our body thrives, adapts and grows.

Even while health and function are controlled and coordinated from the inside, we have personal responsibility to maintain our health. A healthy diet offers the needed nutrients to build stronger parts in our body. Exercise challenges your body to increase physical potential and stimulate more efficiency in every area including your cardiovascular system. Getting in nature regularly with fresh air and sunlight stimulates the brain to awaken and thrive. A renewed thought life that is peaceful will change the tone of the brain to heal and rebuild.

As the New Year begins, take a look at your plans to rebuild your health. Just as the Church is built on the cornerstone of Christ, the “Head” of the “Body”, the foundation of the health of your body on the function of the brain. Restoring the function of the brain and nerves will lay the cornerstone of a healthy body.


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